Domestic Case Studies

John Spooner of  Ponsanooth had 3.84 kWp of Bosch Monocrystalline solar panels and a Fronius IG3.6 TL inverter  installed in September 2011.

“My neighbour was having trouble with a free solar panel installation company, and I became involved to see if  he could get out of the contract he had signed. I also started looking at local installation companies and prices for him. As I was researching I became more interested in having solar panels myself. I found Source Solar’s website, and contacted them. Within 5 minutes Gerrard called back and came to look at both myself and my neighbour’s properties on the same day.”

Since having solar panels installed, Jon’s electricity consumption has gone down by half, and he generates enough electricity (and sends some back to the grid for payment) to cover all his electricity and gas costs combined.

Source Solar come highly recommended:

“From the initial visit, they have been brilliant. Knowing I am able to contact Gerrard if anything would go wrong is a bonus, although nothing has so far! I have recommended Source Solar to many people, who have since had solar panels fitted themselves.”


solar pv


“High return on investment”

Brian found Source Solar after cancelling a free solar panel contract with a national company, having decided that he would prefer to pay upfront rather than rent his roof out for 25 years as he would see more of a return on investment.

“Primarily my reason for having solar panels was as an investment – to generate some income through the Feed in Tariff. I also have a solar panel for my hot water too.”

Again, he would recommend Source Solar: “All the installation workers were great – on time, and did the job very quickly. I have had no issues…not even with the electricity company paying me!” 


“The cost of power is only going one way.”

Rob and Clare chose to have solar panels installed due to the rising cost of electricity. 16 panels were mounted on their roof in November 2011 and have generated 3,780kw of electricity so far.

“Source Solar are recommended both in terms of installation and advice – Gerrard also helped us to decide where was best to place the inverter, and ran through the necessary forms. We have had no problems at all.”