The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is the most important accreditation for any solar installer. The requirements of the scheme are very robust ensuring your installer meets exacting standards of quality and best practice for all their installations. In addition all the solar products installed must be MCS-certified products with this certification have met rigorous independently verified testing standards.

The installer you use and the equipment they install must be MCS registered for your system to be eligible to receive Feed-in-Tariff payments.

We are Certificated under the MCS scheme registration number  (ELC 54359) to install Photovoltaic systems and only use MCS approved equipment.

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REAL Assurance Scheme

The Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd. (REAL) Consumer Code was set up by the Renewable Energy Association its aim to guarantee a high quality experience for consumers wishing to buy or lease small-scale energy generation systems for their homes.

The REAL logo is a sign that Source Solar (UK) Ltd has agreed to abide by the high standards set out the REAL Consumer Code

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The Independent Warranty Association (IWA), established in 1989, to provide an independent warranty for consumers of home improvement products including solar panels.  As members of this scheme we are independently vetted and subject to on-going monitoring for customer satisfaction.

We are proud members of the IWA scheme and provide a 10 year warranty on all our solar installation work, insurance backed by IWA. Our warranty will be honoured even if we cease trading, giving you complete peace of mind.

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ELECSA are an inspection and certification body established by the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) with the aim of maintaining standards within the electrical industry.

We are certified by ELECSA and are audited to ensure our work meets industry standards under the MCS and Part P Competent Persons Schemes.

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Regen SW

Regen SW are a regional renewable energy industry support organisation which provides a forum for businesses, community groups and policy makers as well as a voice for the renewable energy sector in the South West.

Our membership of Regen SW provides us with up to date information about future changes to legislation and various other industry developments. Ensuring we are providing the best possible service to our customers.

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REC Solar Professional

Source Solar (UK) Ltd have recently been awarded entry to the REC Solar Professional program. We have been recognised as a solar PV installer with a proven high level of expertise and experience. REC have and continue to provide us with training as part of this programme. And we are assessed annually to ensure we continue to comply with the high levels of performance required by REC for their partners.

By choosing Source Solar as your preferred solar installer you will benefit from:

An installation using “Best in Class” REC solar modules achieving first place in the 2011 Photon Magazine  Solar Module Field Test.

An installer who has been accredited trained and certified by REC ensuring a “Best in Class” installation everytime.

An extended product warranty, Source Solar are able to offer an extended 10+2 year warranty against manufacturing defects etc. This is combined with the 25 year 80% performance warranty.

REC are leading vertically integrated solar energy company. Ranked amongst the worlds largest producers of polysilicon and wafers for solar applications and a rapidly growing manufacturer of solar cells and modules. REC also engages in project development activities in selected PV segments. Founded in Norway in 1996, REC is an international solar company, employing about 3700 people worldwide with revenues more than EUR 1.7 billion in 2011.